Energy Saving

Energy Savings

Window Energy Rating is a method for assessing the total energy performance of a complete window. 
An A-G energy rating has been developed for windows by the BFRC. This is the same as the rating systems used for household appliances - such as fridges and light bulbs. It clearly shows the products that can save customers money and assist in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The lifetime cost of heat lost through a window is greater than the purchase cost. 
The cost of a window is not just the purchase cost – it is also the cost of operating the window. The cost of heat loss through a window easily exceeds the cost of the window over the typical lifetime of a window.

Window heat losses can account for over 30% of total heat lost from a house. This can be significantly reduced using energy efficient windows.
 Windows have traditionally been a large source of energy loss from houses but this can be nearly halved by the use of the new energy efficient technologies.

Energy efficient windows improve the comfort of homes. 
Energy efficient windows improve the comfort of homes by providing uniform temperatures throughout the house. They can dramatically increase the amount of effective and usable living space.

Energy efficient windows save energy and reduce greenhouse gases.
 Energy efficient windows will help to minimise heating and lighting costs. Saving energy benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas production.

Energy efficient windows can save money.

Energy efficient windows reduce energy and directly reduce heating bills.